My mother has always had a passion for knitting. As I got older she loved shopping for me and buying me fantastic clothes that I would have never thought to wear myself, or have the ability to pull off. My mother, as mentioned, has such a passion for knitting that I believe she hasnt gone one day in 20 years without knitting. She began knitting the same blankets and scarves over and over and gifting them to family and friends. She soon learned that she should combine her love for knitting with her passion and love for knitting. We began investigating ways to find some interesting patterns for more fashionable pieces. Since I wanted her to make them for me…. I helped her find patterns. Around 2 or 3 years ago we came across a website for the company Wool and the Gang. We were floored. This was it. We wanted to make and wear everything on their site. While I do not have enough practice to make these pieces (even though some are soo simple), it is my goal to make myself one by the end of this year (with the help from my mother…over skype…while she is in Boston and I am in Paris). Oh technology. I have accumulated around seven or eight pieces from their website and i have to say… My friends are jealous. They are constantly putting in orders for my mother to make them tank tops or sweaters. There is the ability to buy the Wool and the Gang pieces pre-made, but don’t you think that takes some of the fun out of it? I must say, its pretty awesome walking around one of the fashion capitals of the world and having a fashionista asking me where I got my sweater… “Oh…my mother made it… (Totally casual).” My mother is (not so) secretly the biggest fan of Wool and the Gang and she keeps saying that one day she wants to spend time with these Wool and the Gang fellow knitting fashionistas ! She says she would never since shes probably 20 years older than all of them… But my response? ‘Youve got 20 more years of experience’.

here are some of my favorite pieces that I own:

(all made by my mother from kits from wool and the gang)

Wool and the Gang is THE best. I suggest you check it out if you love to knit or has a mother who would love to knit you some fun clothes ;)